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Kalcy Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. originated with the idea of providing all types of accounting services under one roof that would make clients feel safe and find refuge. We strongly believe that every number counts. Our team exemplifies brilliance in distinct industries using flexible and customized solutions. We adhere to Provide excellent quality and timely services to all our clients effectively and efficiently. We keenly focus on customer satisfaction and service we are providing. We offer an array of services that can be tailored to suit your budget and needs. We also deliver business solutions and guide you in choosing an appropriate business for your start-up

What we can do for you

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  • GST Registration
  • Digital Signature
  • Import/Export Code
  • Company Registration
  • Trademark


  • Salary ITR
  • Business ITR & Audit
  • Tax Planning
  • GST Return & Audit
  • TDS Return
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  • Accounting For All
  • Payroll For All
  • Leave Management
  • Investment Declaration
  • PF/ESIC Working & Return
  • Income Tax Statement
  • Salary Working

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All the basic features that are available for everyone.

  • Sales.
  • Purchase.
  • Payment Receipt.
  • Quotation.
  • Purchase Order.
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Services we can help you with.

We believe every business should have a track record of the money, transactions, taxes, Payments, Invoicing, Accounting etc. that can help them meet their goals. That's why it's our mission to provide cutting-edge, easy-to-use products and services that enable businesses of all types to succeed.

Service We Provide:

  • GST Registration
  • Salary ITR
  • GST Return & Audit
  • PF/ESIC Working & Return
  • Digital Signature
  • Business ITR & Audit
  • TDS Return
  • Income Tax Statement

Benefits Of Kalcybooks

User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface enables you to easily navigate through different sections.

Safe and Secure

Your data is 100% secure with us, always stored in an encrypted and anonymized format

Automatic Backup

There's no need to be concerned about your data anymore. Like WhatsApp, your data is automatically backed up.

Easy Data Transfer

With ease, import your parties and items from other software such as Tally and Excel.

Realtime Support

Get answers to your issues from our superfast support team on Call, email and WhatsApp.

Access from Anywhere anytime

You can easily access your account on Laptop, Tab and Mobile anywhere, anytime.

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Customer Testimonails

Sukeshani Godbole

They were always available and always in communication. Kalcy is very good at explaining things to us in a way that we can understand without having a background in finance.

Customer Testimonails

Vivek Rahane

Get your accounting needs fulfilled by visiting Kalcy Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.. Best place for one stop solution of your queries..

Customer Testimonails

Sachin Bankar

It's great thought to be everything is under one hand. Everything means business related right from start up to financial end.

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Frequently Ask Quetions
How can Accounting data entry application help us ?
Accounting data entry application can be the financial hub of your company. You use it to keep accurate financial records and perform tasks such as:
  • Creating and sending Invoices
  • Creating Quotes and Estimates
  • Recording Expenses
  • Completing Tax Returns
  • Checking Cash Flow or Profit and Loss
  • Creating Budgets and Forecasts
What's the difference between cloud and desktop Accounting data entry application ?
To use desktop Accounting data entry application, you must install it on your computer and run it there. All the data relating to your accounts is also stored on your computer. Cloud Accounting data entry application runs on the internet. There’s nothing to install on your computer. To access the application , you visit a website and sign in with your username and password. This means you can use cloud Accounting data entry application from virtually any device with a connection to the internet (including tablets and mobile phones).
Do we need to know about accounting to use Accounting data entry application ?
Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application is designed to be user-friendly, particularly it is aimed at smaller businesses. It may take a while to get familiar with how it works, and perhaps with a few accounting terms, but you should not need specialist accounting expertise.
Do we need Accounting data entry application ?
The majority of businesses, even the very smallest, use some form of Accounting data entry application. While it’s still perfectly valid to run your business accounts on paper or using Excel, there may be advantages to switching to dedicated application. For instance: Save time. Accounting data entry application can automate many tasks you perform by hand, like checking bank statements or sending late payment reminders. Make better decisions. Accounting data entry application gives you easier access to information that actually means something, so you can use it to make decisions based on facts. Fewer headaches. Good Accounting data entry application will help you meet HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) requirements and keep you up to date as legislation changes. And, if you’re ever selected for an HMRC audit, you’ll have good records to show.
What are the main benefits of using Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application ?
The cost is more manageable. You usually pay a monthly fee for cloud Accounting data entry application. This doesn’t necessarily make it cheaper than paying a one-off fee for desktop application, but it does allow you to spread the cost.

You can use it anywhere. Because you access the application over the internet, you can sign in anywhere there’s an internet connection. You can also switch between computers and still see the same, up-to-date information.

There are fewer management overheads. With no need to install software onto a computer or server, there’s no need to keep it updated, either. The software provider will take care of this, as well as providing support and handling backups
How should I record transactions?
Using Kalcybooks lets you track incoming and outgoing money and organize your books. With Kalcybooks application, you can automate your recordkeeping responsibilities, then hand over your books to an accountant for the more complicated accounting requirements, such as tax preparation
How do debits and credits work ?
When transactions take place, you increase one account and decrease another account in your books to reflect the transaction. The purpose of “debiting” and “crediting” accounts is to increase one account and decrease the other. Debits increase asset and expense accounts. And, debits decrease liability, equity, and revenue accounts. Credits do just the opposite. Credits increase liability, equity, and revenue accounts. And, they decrease asset and expense accounts.
What’s the difference between accounts payable and receivable ?
If you use the accrual accounting system, you will deal with accounts payable and receivable. Accounts payable is the money you owe to vendors, or a liability. Record accounts payable when you purchase something without paying right away. Accounts receivable is money owed to your business, or an asset. Record accounts receivable in your books when customers purchase something on credit.
Do I need to install application to do my accounting online ?
No, Kalcybooks accounting application only requires a browser and a constant internet connection to handle your accounting. There is no application to be downloaded or settings on your computer to be changed whatsoever. You simply open up the Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application’s website in your browser, and off you go
Do I need to be an accountant, bookkeeper to use the application ?
If you are an accountant or bookkeeper then yes. 🙂 Jokes aside, the answer is no. Like we mentioned before, this application was developed with non-accountants in mind, so using it shouldn’t be a problem at all.
Can I use the Accounting data entry application in collaboration with my bookkeeper ?
Yes, you can, just give him/her access to your account and you can start working together. Thus, you can speed up the work and make tax preparation and filing faster and easier.
Can I transfer my books from another application into online Accounting data entry application ?
You can transfer your books from any application to Kalcybooks. You have two options: you can either save everything in a CSV format and import the data to the Accounting data entry application or, if the old software is cloud-based and you want to continue using it, you can integrate it into the new application. The latter solution is especially recommended considering that

1)It takes less time
2)Your bookkeeping will be at two places at the same time increasing the safety of your data
3)That data will be synced between the two software so if you have to go back to the old one for some reason, you will find everything at its place.
Is Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application safe and secure ?
Yes, Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application are perfectly safe and secure. In fact, storing your data in the cloud is even safer than having them on your computer where they can be lost forever due to system crash or external damage. Furthermore, your data is constantly backed up at the end of each day, and they are encrypted in the same sophisticated way as online banking data.
Can I export my data to back it up or share it with my accountant ?
Of course! In fact, we encourage you to save your data in CSV format from time to time just to be sure. Thus, you can have a backup on your computer and you can send said backup, complete with all of your data, to your accountant. Although giving him/her access to your account is an easier solution, but if he/she insists receiving your data in CSV, who are we to judge him/her.
Does Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application help me with taxes as well ?
Yes, it can, and in many ways. First of all, like we mentioned before, Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application prepare business reports without intervention, meaning that they are automatically calculated from your incomes and expenses.
Why should I pay for Kalcybooks Accounting data entry application when there are free solutions ?
The reason is simple: because free application providers often catch you by charging a hefty fee for features that are essential for accounting. We think that it is better to pay a monthly subscription fee and have all the features you need than having a free of charge application, but ending up paying more for additional features. Moreover, you are never tied to one software: if you find a solution with better pricing, but with the same features, you can always terminate your account and move to a new one by exporting your data.
There are more pricing plans, which one should I choose ?
Take into consideration the scale of your business, how many employees you have, whether or not you are a sole proprietor, which features you will need to smoothly run your business, and, of course, which one you can afford., then you know what you have to do: subscribe and enjoy.
Can I try out application for free ?
Absolutely! Kalcybooks offers a 30-day long trial period during which you can get to know the product. If you don’t like the application, you can just cancel the subscription, but if you are convinced, go ahead and subscribe. Oh, and don’t worry, once you have subscribed, you can use the application for free until the original expiration date of the trial.
Do I get customer support?
You get all the help you need – whether you just started using the application or you are already a pro.
What kind of support do I get ?
Aside from the usual support – like email, live chat and phone support – you can read and watch tutorials, ask a question in the community forums, attend events and webinars organized by the company, or read a FAQ like the one you are currently reading.

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