What is Kalcy?

Kalcy Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading accounting firm in India, providing Upto Date Accounting Services/Financial & Tax Consulting Services to our clients. Our main aim is to make your business successful by rendering world class accounting services at an affordable price. Our accounting team comprises of CPA, CA and Associate Members who have extensive experience in all areas of financial accounting and taxation practice. We provide reliable and accurate information required by all types of businesses including small scale, medium scale and high scale ones, meeting their requirements and requirements without fail.

Key Benefits

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Automate your e-Way Bill generation with connected services and Get hassle free e-way bill generation.

Kalcy is a leading GSP (GST Suvidha Provider), ISO adjudged and FCA certified. Klacyprime seamlessly integrates with the e-way portal, which generates e-way bill for you. Kalcy's fully connected e-way bill solution is simple, seamless and reliable with zero manual work.

  • Digital Signature
  • Import/Export Code
  • Company Registration
  • Trademark

We provide you with the tools to easily manage your business.

Generating and printing e-invoices is amazingly simpler with Klacyprime’s connected services. Tally being a recognized and ISO certified GST Suvidha Provider, Klacyprime directly integrates with IRP portal to seamlessly generate e-invoices.

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Our business reports are mobile-friendly. Get all of the data you need in a convenient format that can be read by any device, anywhere.

Kalcy is one of the recognised ISO certified GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) and directly integrates with e-way portal to help you effortlessly generate e-way bill for your customers without the need to do it manually. To get connected with Klacyprime contact us on our Contact Us page.

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  • You've done your taxes! Now it's time to file.
  • A salary that can be earned working a few hours each week, depending on the job you take.

Generate customer engagement, generate lifetime value and reduce churn.

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Outsourcing is a highly specialized form of contract work.

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Taxation is the process of controlling expenditures and revenues, raising tax rates, and collecting taxes to fund government operations. It can also be used as a verb referring to the collection of taxes, but often implies a passive income source.

  • Your new salary is based on your experience and qualifications.
  • ITR services provides complete solutions for ITR, Audit and Financial Reporting requirements. We are one of the most reputed companies in this industry.
  • Are you looking for a way to save money and minimize your tax obligations?
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Remote Access

    Our Remote Access Services enable you to manage your business from anywhere in the world, 24X7, with a single point of access for all your devices.

  • Salary ITR
  • Business ITR & Audit
  • Tax Planning
  • GST Return & Audit
  • TDS Return


  • 1 No. of User
  • Manage Clients
  • Manage Invoices (Limited)
  • Manage GST rates as per HSN
  • Sales Orders (Limited)
  • Purchase Orders(Limited)
  • Credit/Debit Notes
  • Journal/Contra Entry
  • Import Bank and Credit Card Statements
  • Reports
  • Payment Gateways
  • Support-Email
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