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We understand that workforce is one of the prime assets of a business. The success of any business is directly proportional to the happiness of the employees. Employees remain happy when they are taken care of. Kalcy manages the payroll of your employees to keep you and your employees free from salary-related issues.

Kalcy offers a complete payroll solution to keep your employees happy and motivated.

Payroll Services

Leave Management
Leave Management Payroll Systems Simplistically, leave management is the process used to handle any kind of time off request and to track time that employees are away from work.
Salary Working

Payroll can a micro-manage data of employees, which include basic salary, HRA, TA, Conveyance, Leave details, provident fund deductions, etc. We have created an automated Salary Sheet temp. with predefined formula.

Payslip Generation

Payroll includes a payslip generator that can be used anywhere and anytime. When you enter a pay run, Payroller payslip generator will automatically make a payslip for you.

Income Tax Statement

The only payroll taxes that will appear on the income statement are the ones that the employers must pay: the employers’ matching portion of the Social Security and Medicare taxes and the federal and state unemployment taxes.

Investment Declaration

Payroll As per the Income Tax Act , while computing the Taxable Income are deducted from the Gross Salary for the Employees. Your investment declaration helps your employer Your employer is supposed to deduct income tax for you every month.

PF / ESIC Working & Return

Employees even employers can also use the above format to calculate the monthly contributions of employees towards PF and ESI. Employee will contribute 12% of basic wage + DA for PF and employer will pay 13% towards employee PF.

Salary TDS Return / Form 16

Income Tax Form 16 is the Certificate issued for tax deducted at source from income chargeable under the head Salaries. The format of Form 16 is not yet notified by the department. The Form 16 is generated as per the format used in the previous year.


Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund has become effective in the year 1953 and is applicable to all the companies in the state that has 5 or more persons employed, who are considered contract labours as per the Act.


Since our payroll software is online, you only need access to a web browser and the Internet. There’s no software to download.

Yes. You may begin using the payroll application at any time during the year. You will want to make sure you enter all of your employee payroll history in the software so end-of-the-year W2s are accurate. (We can help! We offer free payroll setup to help you get your account set up and can enter all payroll history for you.)

We provide a complete payroll service that is totally reliable. We use the latest computer systems and ensure the security and integrity of your payroll data. We can provide a service from timesheet through to payment encompassing all manner of payment deductions. We can make payments direct to bank, as a registered BACS bureau, thus saving time, reducing paperwork and transaction costs. We can produce cash analyses, cheque lists, pay your PAYE / NI and produce all manner of reports in paper or electronic formats.

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